Scheme in Awarding of Prizes

  1. Individual Prizes:
    The Individual Contest which consists of 15 questions requires only Arabic NUMERICAL answers to be filled in the blank of the answer sheet. Each problem is worth 10 points with a maximum total of 150 points.
    The Individual Contest which consists of 12 questions requires only the answers to be written in the blanks. Moreover, 3 questions of a computational nature require answers in detailed explanations. The former are worth 5 points each while the latter 20 points each, with a maximum total of 120 points.
    Approximately two-thirds of the contestants will receive Individual Awards, in the form of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as well as Honorable Mentions, in approximately the ratio 1:2:3:4.
  2. Group Prizes:
    The highest score of the three contestants in each team for Individual Contest will be summed up. Prizes will be given to the three teams achieving the highest scores in different groups. If same scores appear, the team whose contestant scores the highest marks in the Individual Contest will win.
  3. Team Prizes:
    1. There are 10 problems in the Team Contest, arranged in increasing order of difficulty. Each question is printed on a separate sheet of paper. The four team members are allowed 10 minutes to discuss and distribute the first 8 problems among themselves; each student solves at least one problem. Team members are not allowed to use pencil or pen during the ten minutes discussion. Each will then have 35 minutes to write the solutions of the allotted problem independently with no further discussions or exchange of problems. The four team members are allowed 15 minutes to solve the last 2 problems together. Each problem is worth 40 points and some problems (in particular; problems noted in even number) required complete solutions for full credits. Partial credits may be awarded.
    2. The total score of all contestants in each team is considered the team score. The teams are first ranked by their total scores. Ties are broken according to the scores of individual problems, starting with the most difficult one. Prizes will be given to the three teams achieving the highest scores in different groups.
  4. Grand Prize:
    The Grand Prize is awarded according to the sum of the four team members' score in the Individual Contest, and of the team's score in the Team Contest. The maximum score is 4×150+400=1000 (for EMIC) and 4×120+400=880 (for IWYMIC). Second and Third Prizes are also awarded.
  5. Special Prize:
    In addition, four other types of Awards will also be presented at the Closing Ceremonies:
    1. Two teams presenting the best performances in the Cultural Night with exceptional merits in coordination, creativity and impression will receive awards as determined by the TAIMC 2012 Adjudicating Committee.
    2. Contestants who best exhibit the spirit of friendship and cooperation will receive awards based on voting by all the guides in each team and members of Organizing Committee before July 26.