Team Grouping

All teams participating in the EMIC or IWYMIC will be spread out into six groups. The team distribution is as follows:
Key Stage II
12 teams in each group
Key Stage III
14 teams in each group
For team leaders to have more time to translate the contest problem, we will no longer adopt the drawing of colored balls during the team leader meeting. Instead, we will implement the new computer software, the "automated" group distribution designed by Prof. Peter Zheng of Guangzhou University. This major change is to prevent any team from the same country to be assigned in the same group.

Important Notice

  1. Team Leaders must avoid using the exact proposed problems submitted to the organizers to train their students who will participate in the competition.
  2. The proposed problems submitted to the organizer must not be copied nor taken from previous problems used in any other existing mathematics competitions.
  3. The local organizer have agreed to allow interested parents or accompanying persons to register as official delegates in order they can attend or participate in all TAIMC 2012 activities. In this manner, the TAIMC 2012 is of great help to boost the country's tourism and economy.
    The impact of the global economic crisis and the unprecedented increase of delegates from other countries wanting to attend the IMC are some difficult factors that contribute to the inability of the organizer to provide free transportation service to delegates NOT officially registered or to reduce the cost charged to additional delegates. Therefore, starting this year the local organizer and the Executive Board will no longer provide any information or services to persons preferring not to make themselves officially registered delegates. They will not be entitled to receive privileges or opportunities such as attending any IMC activity.
  4. To uphold the integrity and independence of the IMC and for it to run more smoothly in the future with no individual or establishment trying to exploit it for purpose of financial gain or whatsoever, the Executive Board sets the following provisions to institutionalize the procedure in accepting of participants. The organizer will accept the participants from each country through this level of priority:
    • 1st - Nomination made by the government agency
    • 2nd - Team/s formed or endorsed by reputable non-governmental or non-profit organization
    • 3rd - Team/s formed or endorsed by reputable private institutions or commercial agencies
  5. Interested students who wish to participate in any math competition under the supervision of IMC Executive Board must first pass the Section Exam. We strictly discourage any individual using monetary matter in order to secure a seat for joining the competition, once it is discovered by the Executive Board, the said country or the organization will no longer be invited to join future competition.
  6. Each year, the IMC will be conducted on any days within the 20th - 30th of July. Having in mind the possible contest dates will help team leaders plan ahead the selection of participants. Therefore, we request each country to come up with a set of criteria for the selection of participants to join the IMC. Likewise, all the data needed by the Local Organizer must be submitted before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience on the part of Local Organizer.
  7. Due to global economic crisis, all the participating countries must understand that the organizers hosting international mathematics competition needs to have a huge budget requirement to sustain it. In order not to burden the host country with additional expenses, each participating country must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations set by the organizer regarding the allowable maximum number of teams to be sent. As of this date, the Executive Board allows a country to send at most four teams in each contest (that is, 4 in the primary and another 4 in the junior high school). If a participating country sends more than four teams it must take charge of the expenses for hotel/dormitory accommodation, meals and all other expenses for the additional team.
  8. The executive committee have appointed the following persons as the coordinator to take charge of inviting teams from their countries:
    Prof. Ross McQueen–Australia, AHM Ameerul Ahsan–Bangladesh, Ministry of Education–Brunei, Mr. Dimitar Dimitrov–Bulgaria, Prof. Andy Liu–Canada, Prof. Zhu Huawei–China, Dr. Gregory Makrides–Cyprus, Prof. Cheng Chun Chor Litwin–Hong Kong, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi–India, Ministry of Education–Indonesia, Prof. Ali Rejli–Iran, Dr. Kazuaki Kobayashi–Japan, Mr. Park Hang Yaung–Korea, Bureau of Youth and Education–Macau, Ministry of Education–Malaysia, Prof. Fernando Campos–Mexico, Mr. Battsengel Baasanjav–Mongolia, Prof. Tika Ram Pokhrel–Nepal, Prof. Johan Razenberg–Netherland, Prince Adedibu Terri–Nigeria, Dr. Simon Chua–Philippines, Prof. Igor Fedorenko–Russia, Ministry of Education–Singapore, Miss Kitty Phillips–South Africa, Prof. Wijedasa Hewavitharana–Sri Lanka, Mr. Wen-Hsien Sun–Taiwan, Dr. Pramote from Ministry of Education–Thailand, Prof. Bogdan Rublyov–Ukraine, Ministry of Education–UAE, Mr. Ewa Garg–USA, Mr. Le Thi Oanh–Vietnam, Prof. Lorraine Hill–Zimbabwe.
  9. Effective next year, the host country organizing the EMIC and IWYMIC will prioritize and accept the participating teams recommended by the education agency or non-profit organization of its respective country.
    In case, a country expresses its interest to participate the competition in excess of the allotted slots given to them, a written elimination exam must be conducted and given by the third party of that particular country duly recognized by the Executive Board of International Mathematics Competition, so that qualified contestants will be selected.
  10. Due to the fact that there are more and more countries express their willingness to host the IMC in the future and for the future host country will have enough time to prepare, we would request those interested countries to apply or show us their intention two years in advance. We will give an allowance to those countries that would intend to host IMC in the next two years a ten-minute presentation during the first team leader meeting. And during the second team leader meeting, the interested host country must answer all inquiries from any team leaders of other countries. All team leaders present in the meeting will deliberate whatever concerns prior to make a final decision and before deciding the host country for IMC 2013.

The Future Development

  1. In order for this competition to grow bigger as an annual event, it is important to increase the participation of more countries and at same time reduce the pressure of financial responsibility of the host country. Therefore, we consider enhancing income and cutting down cost.
  2. Income Generating Proposal:
    1. Writing and editing the contest problems and training materials, translating them into different languages and eventually publishing them so that royalty may be collected
    2. Conducting domestic and international training camp or summer math camp The income generated from the aforesaid undertakings will be used to subsidize the competition. We consider continuing not to collect the registration fee from the participating countries within these three years. After the third year, if the impact of the global economic in the host country slows down or is mitigated, then free registration policy may be sustained. Fund raising from your local business enterprises may also be done.
    3. Cost cutting: The following are some suggestions in order to reduce the financial budget requirement of the host country:
      1. minimize activities
      2. add more sightseeing activities at the participants' own expenses
      3. limit the number of teams of those countries that never host this event
    4. Hosting Requirement: Any country interested to host this event after 2014 will have to give a 10-minute presentation about its people, culture, and places. The interested prospective host may seek the team leaders' support from other countries. A poll will be conducted during the second meeting of team leaders to decide what country to host the IMC in 2014.

Last Reminders To All Participants

  1. We hope that all participating delegates are of "Good Moral character" and will respect the cultural environment of the host country. In case you find any thing that does not belong to you, please report and endorse it to the organizers. Do not keep them with you. Never get things that are not yours to avoid problems with the organizers and the rest of the participants.
  2. The development of telecommunication technology of recent day change from day to day. Hence, any form of cheating either in Individual Contest or Team Activity Contest by a certain team that caught by Invigilators or Juries will cause the IMC Executive Board to prevent that particular team or even their country to participate future competition organized or supervised by IMC Executive Board.
  3. In hotel/dormitory, avoid making unnecessary noise. Anybody is not allowed to wear short pants or sleeping attire while going out of the bed room.
  4. During meal time:
    1. fall in line to get food.
    2. get only food enough for you. Don't waste food. Pick what you can eat.
    3. if you are curious with certain food, just take a little and taste it first, then decide to go back to get more.
  5. After meal time: We expect that each participant must be responsible to fix the area and return the used plates, spoons, forks and platter at the designated area.
  6. Try your best to interact and exchange ideas with the participants from other countries. If there is a third person who is not from your country during any conversation, then must speak the international language, not the dialect of your own country.